Wall Street protests continue and spread

The “Occupy Wall Street” Protests that started in New York almost three weeks ago against what is seen as financial greed, leading to numerous arrests by police, have sparked new protests across the US. Protests were held from the east coast to the west, and in numerous cities in between, attended by those expressing discontent over concerns including home prices, the troubled economy and high unemployment.

Some of the protesters compared themselves to a liberal the tea party movement. The protests in New York have become more intense since they started on September 17. While they have been mostly peaceful, aside from a few scuffles, they have occasionally been apprehended for failing to obey the police.

At least one protest occurred in the State of Florida, and further protests are expected this Thursday. A demonstration in Washington will be held Thursday, stated a demonstrator who added that the economy was encouraging a lot of people to express their discontent.

Approximately 100 demonstrators, several of them the target of pepper spray or police beatings, were arrested on September 24. More than 700 protesters faced charges after a number of protesters clogged traffic lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge during a march over the bridge. New York bus drivers have sued the NYPD after their buses were taken by force and made to transport protesters captured on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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