A case against “green” nuclear energy

The figures don’t add up for nuclear power, and nuclear power stations are literally unprofitable-they don’t need to make money and are hugely subsidised by the State, i.e. our taxpayer dollars.

Republicans and the neocons like to talk about the power of free markets almost as a panacea to cure all (no regulation is good regulation) but they turn a blind eye when it comes to nuclear power.

One of the other things that concern me deeply that there is no efficient way to monitor, store, manage, neutralize or reuse the nuclear waste. It is just a huge toxic accumulation with millions of years of toxicity. When nuclear power became a real alternative to a power source (1970’s) our Government told the citizens and taxpayers that if we approve the spread of nuclear and approved plants on the drawing board (including Three Mile Island) they would have an answer to the question of sequestration and subsequent disposal of these within ten years.

Yeah they have failed so miserably, to such an extent that even nuclear companies take the Federal Government to court, telling them to deal with the nuclear waste as was bargained.

The storage of waste in big containers in the Yucca Mountain is not the answer, and until the Federal Government comes up with a way to treat, dispose of or reuse nuclear waste, nuclear power is a destructive kind of toxic minefield that can and will lead to disastrous pollution of land and sea. We cannot afford (in the literal sense) to go ahead with nuclear power until the waste issue is addressed in a safe manner. Right now, nuclear waste just lays in radioactive pools at different places across the continent. It’s a disaster begging to happen.

We have a better chance pursuing solar, wind and hydroelectric power, and I suggest that if we took half of the money that props up unprofitable nuclear energy tycoons, the destructive and polluting coal industry and uberprofitable oil industry (which for some reason is always subsidised), and the pushed that money toward research and development of solar, wind, and hydro, that we could move from dirty energy sources to clean quite rapidly. The answer to our energy dilemma rises in the east every morning; the problem is that the powers that be are too invested in the dirty energy sources from the industrial revolution. They are making money hand over foot and will not lead the change to clean energy sources until we convince them to do so.

Finally, and this is no small issue: nuclear energy is still going to remain a national security issue, even if it were not for the unmanageable waste.


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