Mexican Drug Cartel Offers a Truce

The Michoacan criminal drug cartel La Familia announced Sunday in a brief statement that it decided to continue its promise not to pursue any activity for a month, referring to the truce newly started in January.

With the announcement of the alleged truce, the group aims to demonstrate to the Mexican authorities, and especially to the people of Michoacan, that the family is not guilty of all of the criminal acts that the federal government authorities have publicized in the media.

For the moment, no authority has been able to verify the authenticity of the letter in which, in addition, the group welcomes the arrival of 2011.

La Familia is said to be responsible for the violence upon the Federal Police which occurred in recent weeks in western and southern Mexico. Violence in which, they say, the cartel acted improperly and attacked without regard for women, children or the elderly, who were among the victims of violence in western and southern Mexico.

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